A life of passion, a life well-lived.

The life of Rouel Beukes - freelance singer, actor, nature guide and hunter.

Born 3 January 1955 in Krugersdorp in the late province of Transvaal (currently Gauteng) in South Africa. I am the proud eldest child and only son of De Villiers, a uranium miner who later became a car salesman(he died on the night of my debut as an opera singer, 12 th April 1978 at the age of 47) and Babie,  a school teacher until she retired at the age of 60. She passed away on the 30 th of May 2007 at the age of 75. My sister, Louisa, who is 4 years younger than me is a lecturer in stage craft as well as a school teacher. I went to school at the age of 6 at Betsie Verwoerd Primary school and changed to Randfontein Afrikaans Medium school during my grade 5th year. I then attended Riebeeck High school till my grade 10 year when we left Randfontein, the town   we were living in, and went to Florida High school where I matriculated. It is here that I was "discovered" after entering a singing competition, which I won. READ MORE...